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A dedicated team for network cabling & datacenter build-out

Your businesses is connected—to your network, to the Internet and to you. So, having a properly wired network is crucial to your ongoing operations. Many contractors don’t understand the importance of proper network connections—but Preemo does. Our expert team of cabling professionals can run just about any low-voltage data cabling, including copper, fiber and wireless systems. We use only the best wire and components to ensure a secure, hassle-free connection for your entire office

Are you moving or expanding your office, and need your network setup? IT2and2 provides network and data center cabling, installation of server racks, cabinets, and install wireless access points.

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Server rack & datacenter clean-up

You know that network closet or server rack in your office that’s a total mess? We can do a complete clean-up, including proper cable management, removing old hardware that’s no longer in user, and ensure all connections are patched properly. Our team reorganizes racks of all sizes, from small network racks in your office, to entire data center environments with multiple racks, switches, firewalls, fiber, and server infrastructure. Since we’re part of a larger IT company, our team has the expertise to do even the most complex projects, regardless of size and scope.

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New office IT relocations made easy

Moving to a new office is always a chore. We’ll handle all the cabling, from setting up your server closet and running network cabling, to verifying all connections. You’ll be up and running before you know it.

Stay on budget

We’ll make a detailed project plan and make sure your phone and Internet vendors stick to it. Our expert team will anticipate problems so you don’t have to. And, we’ll do it all for a reasonable, affordable price.

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Cost Savings

Significantly reduce your relocations costs. Affordable Price, we’ll provide a detailed estimate, explaining the costs.

Eliminate Downtime

Downtime will be minimized and serious risks will be mitigated before they turn into problems. That’s our promise.

Reduce Risks

We’ll prioritize your employee and technology safety, ensure you have working backups in case of unexpected mishaps.