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Elevate Your IT Solutions with a Cloud-First Strategy

From public to private to a hybrid cloud solution, the key to selecting the right mix of cloud environments for your business is in your cloud expertise. IT2and2 sorts through your cloud options and helps you find the right strategy for your business. Whether you’re looking to expand and add more storage space, or your team needs flexible solutions that let them work from anywhere, the cloud has a solution for you.

Adopting a cloud environment streamlines your operations in the long-run, but making sure your solutions are integrated and working properly can be a complex and time-consuming process. Our cloud managed services take the headaches out of cloud migrations and deployments by providing reliable cloud solutions for your business. Our IT engineers monitor your cloud environment post-deployment to ensure you have what you need to leverage cloud technologies and applications.

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Save money with the Cloud

The cloud guarantees massive time and cost savings

Cloud Services will decrease your costs by eliminating upfront hardware and software expenditures. We also offer hosted application services, where we host and manage your applications on the cloud, saving you the trouble of managing apps in-house. Don’t pay for machines you’re not using. Use autoscaling to scale down all of your virtual machines at night or on the weekend when nobody’s around, and then have them ready to go Monday morning when you come in to work. The cloud is built to be elastic so you can be as cost-effective as possible.

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Is your business growing fast? Do you have multiple locations that need remote access? Eliminate costly IT expenses, and leap into the cloud. It’s flexible, secure, and there’s no up-front costs Give your business another strategic, competitive advantage by switching to the cloud and start taking advantage of services like cloud backup solutions, round the clock monitoring, extremely high uptime, simple scalability, multi-user access and much more.

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Increased Mobility

Your employees will have whenever, wherever access to company files so they can stay productive on the go.

Reduced Costs

There’s no need to pay upfront for expensive servers and maintenance fees when you use the cloud

Scalable Resources

Add or remove users, apps, hardware, networks, and features based on your business needs and demands

The key difference between the cloud and traditional datacentres is that traditional datacentres are usually on-premise at an organizations office location. Cloud refers to datacentres that are managed by a Cloud Service Provider (CSP) from a central location(s) and are accessed and managed over the internet rather than an internal network.

Multi-cloud is where organizations use multiple public cloud service providers. An example of this may be if an organization wants to create a disaster recovery plan, using multiple public cloud service providers to ensure they minimize the risk of using just one CSP.

Hybrid cloud is where organizations use a mixture of both public and private cloud. An example of this may be if the organization has some systems that don’t use or store any sensitive information, public cloud would be applicable and vice versa for private cloud.

Some of the top considerations for organizations when moving to the cloud include security, data protection, resilience and availability. Extensive research has shown that security is the number one concern regarding moving to the cloud. CSPs have excellent security features that aim to minimize security risks, which in a lot of circumstances far outweigh the security features available for on-premise solutions. CSPs provide organizations with the building blocks to create their own security and organizations utilizing third-party hosted software should ensure security is implemented and monitored correctly.

Adding the security, maintaining continuous monitoring is equally important so we have facilities such as a Security Operations Team or Security Operations Centre that monitor activity within an organizations cloud infrastructure to identify and remediate any irregular activity is certainly recommended.

We are dedicated and enthusiastic professionals, lovers of using new technology to help grow your business. If you are not sure where to start, ket’s discuss your business IT problems.


Other Services

From cabling and wireless experts to cloud solution architects. From on-prem to the cloud. From IaaS to PaaS. From design to implementation.

Outsourced IT Support

We takes the stress out of managing your IT solutions. As your managed IT partner in South Florida, we remotely monitor your network and servers to prevent breaches and minimize downtime.


We are your start-to-end managed IT security solution. Starting evaluating your tech hardware and software, and then we defend your systems with multi-layer security protection.

CCTV & Security Camera Surveillance Systems

Your business needs to be protected. We use only the best quality cameras and recording systems with secure remote access.

Data Backup and Disaster Recovery

Reliable, comprehensive data backup and disaster recovery solutions. We ensures your critical data is ready at a moment’s, ready to get back to business in minutes.